Terms of use

There isn't really much to put in here, just don't:

  • do anything not allowed on scratch
  • do anything illegal in the uk, us, or wherever you are (unless its some far right dictatorship where breathing is illegal in which case i really dont care)
  • ban evade, it isnt very cool and will just result in you getting ip banned
  • spam reactions, and dont dislike someones post unless you mean it
  • spam api requests using external programs, especially for reactions
  • have an 8 letter username beginning with "4" and ending with "1", that also includes "600936"
  • i reserve the right to ban you if you do any of the above


  • i collect anonymous page view counts and things such as bounce rate
  • i store ip addresses in logs and if you seem to be ban evading or just very, very annoying then ill find out which one is yours and ip ban you.